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office42 architecture started over a decade ago in apartment #42 located in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District. The firm was founded on one simple premise: Good design, innovation, and creative solutions should be available to all.

The firm’s mission is rooted in social justice. office42 believes first and foremost in impactful design. We believe that good design can change and improve people’s lives and that architecture is a vehicle for positive change. The spaces people occupy, how they live, and the design of their surroundings have a strong impact on people’s lives. We see projects as more than just a building, a lot, or a location, but an opportunity to affect communities in a distinct and lasting positive way as architects who serve our cities. Through good design, strong planning, and clear communication, we help individuals, companies, and communities to realize their vision for their homes, offices, and community spaces.

Our intimate studio provides the attention and service to every project that only a smaller company can provide, while having the diverse experience and management capacity of a much larger firm. This includes bringing a high level of professional service to a diverse and broad clientele.

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We typically begin working with clients in one of two ways: Book a virtual meeting where we answer your questions and discuss our process or schedule an On-Site Consultation that is a working meeting where you can gain concrete information about the feasibility of your project, an estimated budget based on past projects, and a timeline for the entire project process based on your site conditions.

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