Firm mission

office42's mission is to create innovative architecture that inspires and empowers communities through impactful design.


The priority set of beliefs that motivates and inspires office42.


Our projects build, impact, and empower the greater community. We aspire to learn from the community by being present, serving, and working in partnership with it.


Projects with purpose embolden us to work with purpose.


We solve problems. We work creatively to fnd new solutions that meet the needs of our clients while achieving high quality design. We are accessible to many as we strive to work within our clients' budgets, regardless of the limitations.


We work through all challenges with integrity. We work smart. We leverage our resources and work as a team. We get to¸ yes.


We are invested in our clients, our projects, our community, and our team. We are all-in for the greater good.

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